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Our architecture Studio is specialized in designing Luxury Detached Villas and Exclusive Resorts. Studio has earned a solid reputation for developing projects based on technological innovation. Great attention is given to the aspects related to environmental, energetic and economic sustainability. Each project is born from the idea of functionality and takes its inspiration from the surrounding nature, which is an integral part of the project itself - which is an open space to the outside. Structure, materials and technologies are used to express the greatest possible continuity between interior and exterior.

Each villa is characterized by a "Theme" that uniquely distinguishes it and makes it Exclusive.

The Studio will take care of the costumers during large orders from the urban phase to the habitability, from the detailed design of furniture to fixed furniture. Indeed, the Studio will provide its customers with the utmost attention, in order to increase their satisfaction.

Enrico Pitimada has won the coveted “Best Architecture” della CNBC 2009 European Property Awards .

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